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necrotic ring spot

Necrotic Ring Spot

Necrotic Ring Spot (NRS) is a common soil fungus that can affect your lawn. Usually it will start as a few yellow rings and it can spread and infect your entire lawn. It primarily affects Kentucky Bluegrass but can show up in other species of grass as well. It will leave your lawn permanently damaged

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Lawn Watering Schedule To Minimize Lawn Fungus

In the United States, we have been taught the wrong way to water our lawns. Period. This has led to an outbreak of lawn fungus and other lawn diseases. In this article, I will attempt to set the record straight and hopefully help you better care for your lawn. The problem: We are taught that

How Lawn Fungus Fix Is Different

What makes Lawn Fungus Fix different? In the past, if you had a lawn fungal disease, you had only two options to try to fix it: You could use a commercial-grade fungicide. You could completely remove your sod and 2-feet of topsoil, then replace it. Both of these options have major problems. I will

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Skip the Fungicide

Fungicide has been sold as a fix for lawn fungus issues, but there are some serious problems. Fungicide works by killing the fungus with harmful chemicals, but also attacks the soil's natural defenses and beneficial bacteria, bugs, immunity, and other key systems. Up until now, there has not been a good solution to this problem,

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