In the United States, we have been taught the wrong way to water our lawns. Period. This has led to an outbreak of lawn fungus and other lawn diseases. In this article, I will attempt to set the record straight and hopefully help you better care for your lawn.

The problem: We are taught that we must water our lawns early in the morning before 10 am. This is to prevent water evaporation loss and the possibility of burning your grass or stressing it out during the hottest days of the year from rapid changes in temperature. While there is some sound logic there, this is a problem when it comes to lawn fungi.

Fungus thrives in warm, wet soil where it can easily replicate and spread spores. When watering in the morning, the soil stays soaking wet throughout the hottest time of the day and can easily lead to outbreaks of fungus. Fungus like necrotic ring spot can destroy your lawn by weakening the root system and killing grass.

The solution: Lawn Fungus Fix can help solve this problem, but not without changing the way you water your lawn. We recommend watering between 6 and 8 PM as the evening sun begins to lower in the sky and the temperature begins to fall. Why? Grass grows best at 50 to 60 degrees depending on the species. This means that most growth happens at night and early morning when temperatures are cool. The soil also needs to dry out a bit before the hottest parts of the day. Not only does this strengthen the grass against heat, but it increases the strength and depth of the roots. This process with Lawn Fungus Fix is the only way to cure your grass naturally without fungicide or completely replacing your sod and topsoil.

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