Necrotic Ring Spot (NRS) is a common soil fungus that can affect your lawn. Usually it will start as a few yellow rings and it can spread and infect your entire lawn. It primarily affects Kentucky Bluegrass but can show up in other species of grass as well. It will leave your lawn permanently damaged and will not resolve itself on its own.


NRS will typically show up in cool wet weather from early March to late May and in the Fall from September to October. Watering has a big impact on the spread of spores and fungus. Watering early in the morning will cause wet soil through the hottest parts of the day. Fungus replicates and spreads best under these hot wet conditions. Please read more about our recommended watering schedule to


The first thing to suffer from fungus is grass roots that become damaged, retreat, and turn dark. This leads to the grass being unable to absorb nutrients from the soil causing the damage. It will also affect the rhizomes and crowns of the grass which will begin to rot. Fungicides can work in some cases with proper fertilization, but the results vary widely, and the success rate is low.


The Lawn Fungus Fix Solution has proven time and again to be an effective treatment for NRS. It works by fortifying your soil and adding key nutrients to support microbial growth and the overall health of the lawn. Contact us today and see how we can “Save Your Lovely Lawn!”

For more information about Necrotic Ring Spot, read the Utah State University study here: